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Travel, explore, be inspired.


Naomi Walsky's designs are born from a curious exploration of life, a playful and deep appreciation of everything beautiful. Her designs are characterized by their elegance, simplicity, and balance. Luxurious materials are accompanied by simple patterns and decisive lines, whilst more humble materials are accentuated by joyful and elaborate textures and layers. At the heart of it all we find a celebration of expression, accompanied by an innate love for travel and inspiring things.

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Naomi moved to Rome, Italy at the age of 17 where she spent the next eight years. Here, her university studies in Art History were essential to the development of her personal aesthetic, an individual taste deeply rooted in the beauty and endearing dichotomy of Rome, the Eternal City. In this time she worked as a fashion model, an influential experience that introduced her to the world of moda. After university Naomi headed public relations for a leading brand in the luxury goods & tourism markets.

"What I love about luxury products is that they they don’t simply fill a basic necessity, rather they’re born out of passion, vision, the desire to offer a unique experience. I’m really drawn to artisans and connoisseurs. Working with people with discerning taste is so engaging and often compels you to look deeper, to travel further. This in turn inspires my designs and choice of materials."

Her materials range from luxurious rare fabrics such as Italian silks and satins, Scottish wool and cashmeres, Alaskan furs, fine linen, and heavy lace. She treats them as "raw" materials, each one carefully selected for its unique characteristics.

In 2011, Naomi moved to Geneva, Switzerland to join her now-husband, Eric Walsky, professional ice hockey player and upcoming artist. They currently live together in Lausanne where Naomi designs and produces her bespoke womenswear collections and limited jewelry lines. Her brand, Alicia Rosalind, features a small production of unique bijoux, showcasing the use of Italian silver & d’orato, semi-precious stones & Swarovski crystals.

“In Switzerland you’re constantly influenced by a mix of cultures- the French style and Italian aesthetic, for example, with an encompassing design that is so smart and essential … typically Swiss."

The result is an approach to design that aims to exult women in many contexts of modern life. "The right fabric, cut, and material will make all the difference in how you see yourself and feel; there’s something magical about the way that real silk will fall on your shoulders, the way it will hang. I like to play with flowing cuts and tight underdresses with sophisticated lacy veils. Women should feel comfortable and confident. After all, confidence is ultimately what makes you feel beautiful and sexy."

Naomi also turns to graphic design travel posters of the 50’s and 60’s and early botanical illustrations.

"I love them! They remind me of exploration, a moment when everything is new and exciting. One often feels there’s little wonder left in the world. The desire for change is what I really love about fashion and design."